Saturday, December 29, 2007

L'ecole de Platon by Jean Delville

Here's an interesting painting by Jean Delville, circa 1898, titled L'ecole de Platon (tr. The School of Plato or Plato and his Disciples). The painting is of course a depiction of a homosexual Jesus and twelve very effeminate and affectionate disciples. The title no doubt prevented the inevitable lynching that would have occurred had Delville entitled it "Jesus and his Disciples", but also allegorizes connections between homosexuality, platonism, and early christianity which form part of the canon of aestheticism. Besides the painting is dripping in purple wisteria blossoms which match Jesus' blouse perfectly.


Amy Louella said...

When I first saw this at the Musee d'Orsay, the first thing I said was, "Look, it's Jesus and the gay disciples!" I've been calling the painting that ever since, and couldn't remember the real name until today. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who sees this!!!! Thank you!!

Anna Mikaela said...

HAHA, Im writing my bachelor thesis on this piece-gay disciples? Im discussing wether or not it is a "modern" painting...The Idealists went out of fashion, ANYWAY. GAY, I love the take. Adrogyneous absolutly and Delville and Peladan and the gang were quite(VERY!) sexist...Will get back to you when Ive researched more :D

Unknown said...

Can you help me find a print of L'Ecole de Platon for less than 40 bucks? Thanx.